Introduction to the quantum first detection problem

12. Februar 2019, 13:15 Uhr

Oberseminar: Aktuelle Fragen der Theoretischen Physik

Zeit: 12. Februar 2019, 13:15 Uhr
Referent*in: Eli Barkai (Physics Department Bar-Ilan University Ramat-Gan)
Veranstaltungsort: Universität, Raum 4.331 (NWZ II), Pfaffenwaldring 57, Stuttgart-Vaihingen
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We consider quantum dynamics on a graph, with repeated strong measurements per- formed locally at a fixed time interval τ . For example a particle starting on node χ and measurements performed on another node χ´. From the basic postulates of quantum mechanics the string of measurements yields a sequence no,no,no, ∙∙∙ and finally in the n-th attempt a yes, i.e. the particle is detected. Statistics of the first detection time nτ are investigated, and compared with the corresponding classical first passage problem. Dark states, Zeno physics, a quantum renewal equation, winding number for the first return problem (work of A. Grunbaum et al.), total detection probability, detection time operators and time wave functions are discussed.

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